A complete labor of love, I can't say enough about Layover as it was truly the first project of mine that cemented my career path. I had collaborated with the director, my friend Joshua Caldwell, for years as screenwriters. As our 30s loomed, Joshua was anxious to direct his first feature film. He wrote a simple, heartfelt story about a girl on a layover in Los Angeles - stuck between two stages in her life. The film really did reflect where Josh and I found ourselves at the time. We had moved to Los Angeles to be a writing team but that hadn't panned out for us and we were starting to feel like a pair of wannabes. We pulled together a rag-tag group of filmmakers and talented actors and set off with $6,000 and the kind of gusto only a 20-something dreamer can muster. Shooting weekends over the course of a month, we had our film in the can. Layover premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival and has gone on to inspire many young, ambitious filmmakers to go and tell their own story no matter the price or the odds.

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